People of the Prophet's house : artistic and ritual expressions of Shiʻi Islam
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Sommaire : Part 1: Introduction. -- 1. Shiʻi art and ritual: contexts, definitions and expressions / Fahmida Suleman and Shainool Jiwa -- 2. Are there Shiʻi forms of art? / Oleg Grabar -- Part 2: Pilgrimage and patronage -- 3. The Shiʻi shrines of Iraq /James W. Allan -- 4. Glorifying the Imamate: architecture and ritual in the Shiʻi shrines of Syria / Yasser Tabbaa -- 5. Evanescent meaning: the place of Shiʻism in Fatimid mosques / Jonathan M. Bloom -- 6. A Shiʻi building boom in 14th-century Qum: the case of Bagh-i Sabz towers / Robert Hillenbrand -- 7. Pilgrims and patrons: ziyāra under the Samanids and Bavandids / Melanie Michailidis -- Part 3: Inscriptions on art, architecture and coinage -- 8. Early Qurʼans signed by the Shiʻi Imams / Sheila R. Canby -- 9. Writing about faith: epigraphic evidence for the development of Twelver Shiʻism in Iran / Sheila S. Blair -- 10. The writing on the walls: selections from the Twelver Shiʻi epigraphs of Lucknow's Hussainabad Imambara / Hussein Keshani -- 11. ʻAlī walī Allāh and other non-Qurʼanic references to the Ahl al-bayt on Islamic coinage before the Saljuq period / Luke Treadwell -- Part 4: Iconographic studies: Shiʻi contexts and beyond. -- 12. Between the past and the future: the fālnāma (book of omens) in the 16th and early 17th centuries / Masumeh Farhad --13. Exploring Ahl al-bayt imagery in Qajar Iran (1785-1925) / Maryam Ekhtiar -- 14. Shiʻism and contemporary Iranian art / Venetia Porter -- 15. Dhuʼl-faqār and the Ottomans / Zeynep Yürekli -- 16. The Hand of Fatima: in search of its origins and significance / Fahmida Suleman -- Part 5: Ritual expressions. -- 17. Lasting elegy: Shiʻi art and architecture / Peter J. Chelkowski -- 18. ʻArūze Qāsem - a theatrical event in Shiʻi female commemorative rituals / Ingvild Flaskerud -- 19. Cinema as a cultural reservoir for the Shiʻi performing art of taʻziya / Nacim Pak-Shiraz -- 20. Some historic taʻziyas of Multan / Tryna Lyons -- 21. Chirogh rawshan: Shiʻi ceremonial practised by the Ismaili communities of Xinjiang China / Amier Saidula -- 22. Building and performing Shiʻi Islam in Sufi Senegal: a photo essay / Mara A. Leichtman.
Despite their distinct theological differences, Shi'a and Sunni Muslims, followers of the two main branches of Islam, share a number of core beliefs including an allegiance to and love for the Prophet... Lire la suite
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